The Narrator Part 14

The Narrator Part 14

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Part 14

I lead the small arrow up to the yellow folder labeled ‘Documents’ and poke at it. The folder expands, filling the screen with a series of other folders on a white background. I read through them; Freaks, EmVee, MAZE, MISC, Sixes, Tales of the Wasteland, The Ancient, Zeds.

“These are all stories,” I whisper. I recognize all of these labels, they’re all stories that I’ve narrated. Well, almost all of them, I don’t recognize the Ancient, Zeds, or… MISC? How the author managed to write a story without me is beyond my comprehension – but, that’s a question for another time.

I poke the folder labeled MAZE and another field of white opens with a scattering of different images; different types of paper, some blurry paintings, blank boxes. One of the small, plain images catches my interest when I scan over the title beneath it; BastianHollows.txt

I poke it.

Bastian Hallows – Half-Elf

STR 16 DEX 20 END 16 INT 18 WIS 18 CHA 26

These numbers look very familiar. Where have I seen these before? Ah! When the Author wrote the Dungeons and Dragons recaps there were numbers like these. He must be assigning values to his story characters as well! That means not only do I have his notes, but I have his stats on every character and-

I open one eye and glance off in the bugbear’s direction. He notices me and politely raises his tea cup in my direction. I nod and close my eyes again. Back in the folder I backtrack to the MAZE folder and click the image labeled Bugbear and begin to scan his information.

Phil – Bugbear

STR 14 DEX 15 END 12 INT 16 WIS 11 CHA 11

“Phil?” I mutter quietly.

“Yes?” The bugbear, Phil, responds. I open my eyes and look at him.

“You… uh… have a very high intelligence score for a bugbear,” I say.

“Thank you?” He says, uncertainly. A moment of awkward silence follows as we stare at each other, then I shrug and return to the folders on the back of my eyelids.

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