The Narrator Part 12

The Narrator Part 12

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(Quick Note: This part is just shy of 400 words. I usually aim for 600 to 800 per post. I’m sorry for the quick pace of it. I’ve had a rough week and almost didn’t even make a post today. As it is I’m 12 hours late. I will do better next week! Promise!)

Part 12

You're still editing this?"

“Oh, shit!” I shout, then immediately cover my mouth with my hands. I turn toward Bastian and raise a hand, pressing a finger to his lips before he can say anything. He cocks an eyebrow at me.

“Shhhh!” I say is a whisper. “He’s back!”

“The Author?” He asks around my finger. I nod slowly.

“The author?!” One of the nearby elves shouts. Suddenly the name is bounced around the room as every other elf in the area repeats the name. Voices from beyond the shelves catch the wave and add their own voice. I estimate about a dozen others.

“Shhh!” I shush harder, raising my hands over my head and waving them frantically. “Stop, he might-” I pause. “Wait, you guys know about the author?”

Still roleplaying? Are you actually roleplaying or are you writing?"

“The Author, the creator!” The elf nearest me says. “You hear him?!”

“Unfortunately, yes,” I grumble.

Ouch lol Hey, Icey says he didn't invite you. Was it Di? They weren't at the meet up so I haven't asked her yet.

“I… I don’t remember their name,” I respond.

“Whose name? The Author’s name?” The nearest elf asks.

“No, the name of- stop talking.” I answer.

lol... "alright then, keep your secrets"... But, I did notice no one is logged in right now, so if you have some VPN hiding your activity, please turn that off.

“You want me to stop talking?” The confused elf asks.

“Yeah, will do. Will turn that right off.” I respond to the Author.

“Turn my mouth off?” The elf asks. He looks to the other elf beside him to confirm he’s heard me right. The other elf shrugs.

Ohm hey, also, add an angry bugbear to this scene. It's kind of boring, it's just a library, needs some spice. Talk later, noob.

“Oh yeah, totally will!” I respond. “Talk later.”

“Ahhh!” Someone from out of sight screams. The sudden cry is followed immediately by a loud crash.

“Shush!” I shush loudly, then take a moment to listen for the author. Did he leave again? It’s hard to tell over the racket of two other elves screaming and the heavy foot falls of people running.

“Alright, whatever. I think we’r-” something tackles me from around the corner and I fall sideways, crashing into the back of the Scri

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