The Narrator Part 09

The Narrator Part 09

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Part 09

“Where do we find the Scribe?” Bastian asks. I stare at him for a long moment as I consider this question.

“Well,” I begin, then pause, then open my mouth, close it, and finally I shrug. “I have no idea. I don’t know if he actually exists, to be honest. I’m just going off the fact that I am here, existing, as a hint that perhaps he exists as well.”

“Who is the Scribe?” Asks Luda.

“He’s the third of the writers trifecta,” I say, and when I see that my explanation has given him no satisfaction, I expound further. “There is a writers trifecta; three minds that process a story in order for it to be written. The Author is at the top, creating. The narrator searches the creations for stories, and follows them. The scribe actually puts those stories down and makes them coherent, so that others can partake. Does that explain it?” Bastian nods as Luda shakes his head.

“Well, I’m sure if we find him his presence will clear it up for you,” I say and reach forward to pat Luda on the head. Luda swats my hand away with the practiced effort of someone who has had to swat many hands away from patting his head.

“Alright, a new quest,” Bastian says, tapping thoughtfully at his chin with the tip of his sword. “First, we must find where this being is. Do you have any clues?”

I shrug.

“The scribe is at the end of this dungeon,” I mutter, “for all I know.”

I stumble as the ground suddenly jolts beneath me, shaking violently under my feet. Something in the distance rumbles deeply. I grasp at Bastian’s shoulder to keep myself upright and he grasps at my arm to hold me steady. Luda flops himself upon the ground before the quake can throw him down. Bastian… seems oddly unfazed, like some sort of perfectly balanced being.

“That is an ominous sign,” Bastian says. He helps steady me on my feet then swoops down to assist Luda back to his.

“Yeah,” I say, “Ominous indeed. Quite ominous… ominously ominous.” I pause. “Why do I keep saying ominous? Anyway, the best bet is to return to the nearest town and ask around. I am certain someone, somewhere, will know of the scribe.”

“I agree. However, I am still on a quest,” Bastian says. “I can not abandon a quest, it is against my adventurers code.”

I nod in understanding.

“Then I will head to town and start asking. You finish your quest and come find me when you’re oh my god, I’m splitting the party.” I nearly stab myself int he face as I bring my hands grasp at my hair. “I’m trying to split the party. Rule number something or other, don’t split the party. Yeesh.”

“I don’t think you an split the party,” Luda says from somewhere behind me. I turn and find him standing near the door we entered from; the handle is in his hand, but the door is still closed.

“You, uh… you broke the door, buddy?” I ask.

“The door broke itself,” Luda explains. “And I’m pretty sure there’s a big pile of rocks on the other side.” As he says this he leans forward and puts his eye to the hole where the handle had been. I move closer and lean down, peaking though when Luda steps aside.

Sure enough the other side seems to be piled upon by rocks.

“Well, poo,” I grumble and stand straight. “Ok, well, I guess this story lies that way.” I turn and aim the tip of my sword toward the next door on the opposite wall.

“Dungeons typically have secret exits near the end,” Bastian explains. “I am certain we will find one in the final chamber, or beyond.”

We cross the room together. Once Luda has cleared the door I raise my sword, ready for action, and Bastian pulls the handle.

My eyes widen at the sight within.

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