The Narrator Part 08

The Narrator Part 08

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Part 08

“What is the author?” Luda asks. I realize that while I have spoken to Bastian about this, to some degree, that I haven’t mentioned anything to Luda. I wonder what I can tell him… for that matter, I wonder if I should share more with Bastian.

“Well,” I mutter and with a sigh I decide to simply spill the beans. “Well, the author is a God of sorts. He is the creator of the universe and everything inside of it – as well as everything outside of it.”

“Outside of the universe?” Luda asks. “What’s outside of the universe?”

“Other universes. This world is just one of many that he’s created – that he’s written. The author is a writer and what he thinks becomes… this, it becomes the reality around us. He… he creates all, he knows all, and he sees all.”

“And you are a follower of his?” Bastian asks.

I have to pause briefly to consider this before I answer.

“Well,” I say, “no, not really. I am – well, I guess.” I have to stop again and consider this further. “No, technically not a follower, I’m a… I guess I’m an extension of him. In a way, he created me, but I’m more like his voice in the world. He creates it and I find the stories.”

“What stories?” Luda asks.

“Oh geeze,” I grumble. “I feel like I’m really digging a hole here. Uh, well, basically, the author is a part of a race of beings that live in a very boring world and they seek out stories of adventures and daring actions so that they can live vicariously through them.”

I can see the confusion in Luda’s face, and I see it mirrored in Bastian’s as well. I raise a hand to cut Luda off before he asks another question.

“I appreciate that you ave a lot of questions, but a Q and A session doesn’t make for very interesting reading for the readers.” I explain. This brings a brief moment of silence before Luda speaks again.

“What readers?” He asks and I roll my eyes.

Suddenly, an idea comes to me; it’s a silly story writing method to relay information between characters that readers are already aware of, without boring the readers with having to re-read what they already know.

I nod with determination and put it into action;

I explain everything to them.

“Oh, wow, that is a lot to take in,” Luda says.

“When you put it that way, it all makes sense though,” says Bastian.

“Yeah,” I say. “So, that’s why I’m here now, to protect you guys from being forgotten and lost in the back of his mind. You deserve a story – not to be forgotten.” I look Bastian in the eyes as I say this, letting him know that he was the one that I broke the pattern for; there is something special about him worth risking everything for… I’m sure he got that from my gaze.

“So,” Bastian begins. “How do we defeat a being that knows all and sees all, and create whatever he wants?”

“He doesn’t know all, or see all,” I assure him, “he-” I pause and throw my hands up, not sure where to start, “it’s hard to explain; he creates it all, it all exists in his head and when he thinks about it then it exists. He is the author, the creator, but I- I am the narrator, I am the one who sees it all and knows it all, I’m just – just out of touch with my normal self.”

“So, what do we do then, how can we get you back where you belong,” Luda asks.

“I -,” I begin to answer, begin to say that I’m not sure how, that I’m not sure there is a way, that without my powers and my abilities I wouldn’t even begin to know whether it was possible or not, but I hesitate and crease my brow as something crosses my mind.

“No,” I say, “actually- I think I know where to start; we need to find the scribe.”

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