The Narrator Part 07

The Narrator Part 07

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The Narrator

Part 07: The Correspondence

Good Morning! Who’s editing right now?

I swing my sword wide against an imaginary foe, then freeze as I realize that the voice I just heard had no echo… and it didn’t match Bastian or Luda. I turn about and search the room but don’t see anyone else.

“Um… Hello?” I say.

Bastian turns his head to me and knots his brows.

Lol! Hey, it’s CJ. I’m the admin here and writer of most of the content on this site. Are you new?

My heart skips a beat and the sword drops from my hand sending a loud clattering of metal against stone echoing through the small chamber. Luda’s attention has turned to me now as well and Bastian takes a few steps closer. It must seem weird with me standing here staring off into space. My eyes are wide beneath the goggles, and my breathing too loud for the small, quiet room.

“It’s the author,” I say quietly. The author; the one who abandoned the story to go watch tv, leaving Bastian to his tortured fate.

Haha, rude. I’m guessing you’re a new editor. Did Icey bring you in?

“The Author?” Bastian asks. He follows my gaze through the empty room but since the author is manifesting as a voice in my head there is nothing for him to see. “Are they here now?” His hand settles upon the hilt of his sword but he doesn’t draw it. I shake my head at him.

“I can hear him,” I say quietly.

“He’s hearing voices,” I hear Luda try to whisper to Bastian. He then pulls his crossbow from his shoulder and sets about loading it.

Loving this roleplay thing you’re doing. Also really digging this new app.
It’s supposed to allow multiple editors but I’ve never really used it before.
I can only seem to access editors notes, so I’ll have to figure this out later so we can collaborate.
What’s your name anyway?

Uh oh. A name? Well I can’t tell… wait, can he see everything I’m thinking? He’s the author and I’m the- no, I can’t think that right now. Just give hi a name, any name; “Oliver,” I blurt out. “I’m Oliver… Uh, Gray. Oliver Gray.”

Awesome! Welcome aboard Mr. Oliver. Would be great to meet you in person.
The whole group is meeting up at the donut place off Nicholas, you should come join us.

“I… um,” how do I respond to that? “Yes, of course.” I don’t even know where this Nicholas is that I am agreeing to visit. My hands tremble at the thought of being caught like this, images of punishments run through my head for being here and doing what I’m doing. I’m pretty sure I’m violating some writing code somewhere.

Lol, no, don’t worry about it. You’re here to edit so edit.
You won’t get in trouble for that. I keep backups on a few hard-drives anyway.
I’ll text Icey and ave him send you the address. Seriously, love this roleplay thing.
You should join our D&D group every other Saturday. You’d fit right in.
Alright, gtg, see ya there! 

“Yeah,” I chuckle nervously. “See you there!”

Silence follows for several long seconds. I can see Bastian bursting to ask me questions, and Luda seems ready to shoot me.

“Are you still there?” I ask. I wait moment for a reply and when I don’t get one I crumble, my knees falling out from under me. Bastian is quick and catches me under my arms and sets me gently upon the ground.

“It was the author?” He asks. “The god you spoke of? He was speaking to you?”

I nod at him.

“What did he say? You seem very shaken up, did he threaten you? Are you in any danger?” He asks.

I turn to look him in the eyes; his face is contorted with concern for me.

“He… uh,” I mutter. “He invited me out for donuts.”

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