Tales of the Wasteland

Zero Day Part 1

Zero Day His hand rests gently on her belly as they watch the evening news, feeling his baby boy kick against his palm, her hand atop his. The bag was packed and ready, sitting by the front door in preparation for a hasty departure. “Mmm,” she winces and squeezes his fingers. He smiles in spite […]Read More

Zero Day Part 2

Zero Day Part 2 “We’re not the first here,” the husband says as he weaves through several abandoned vehicles outside the facility. He pulls as close to the gates as he can manage, throws his door open, and hurries around to open the side door. He doesn’t bother to turn the engine off; they’re not […]Read More

Zero Day Part 3

Zero Day Part 3 “Hold still Frank,” Sean says as he pushes the blade into the sleeve of the man’s jacket, cutting the fabric between Frank’s arm and the door. “Ah, shit! Careful!” Frank growls when the blade of Sean’s knife nicks his forearm. Sean mutters under his breath as he works the knife through […]Read More

Zero Day Part 4

Zero Day Part 4 “It’s a boy!” Dr. Jones announces as she holds the newborn up. A young door guard comes running around a corner with an armful of towels and a first aid kit. He drops to his knees at Dr. Jones’ side and unloads upon the metal floor. “That’s all I could get,” […]Read More

Day One

Day One Part 1 “Samantha?” Dr. Jones gently raps her knuckles against the cracked bedroom door before pushing it open. Samantha is lying face down on the bed, on top of the blankets and sheets, still wearing her dirty clothes from the previous day. Dr. Jones sighs quietly as she approaches. She leans down, takes […]Read More

Day One p2

Day One Part 2 u201cHow many made it, exactly?u201d Nysha asks, looking at the young man in the security vest. u201cUm,u201d the young man stumbles over his words as he flips through a stack of papers in his hands. He stops on one page, pulls it to the top, and begins to count. Nysha watches […]Read More