The Narrator

The Narrator 01

Part 01 If Bastian were a work of fiction, reviewers would call him a Mary Sue; he is perfect… too perfect. He is the perfect height, with perfect hair, a perfect physique, and a perfect personality. He is smart, independently wealthy, and loved by everyone in town. He volunteers his free time to helping orphans, […]Read More

The Narrator 02

Part 02 “The Narrator?” Bastian asks. “Yeah,” I say uncertainly. There is a long pause and I rub at my arm nervously. I’ve never had a conversation before, I’ve only sat above the characters and explained their actions. “The Narrator of what?” Bastian finally asks. This catches me off guard and I stand there for […]Read More

The Narrator 03

Part 03 “Greetings, stranger,” Bastian bellows. “Indeed, my colleague and I have already set claim to this dungeon.” I barely register that Bastian is speaking as I stare at the short-statured person before us.  I recognize them; or, at the very least, they seem extremely familiar. I recall that the Author ran a campaign for […]Read More

The Narrator 04

Part 04 Bastian and I stand back as Luda investigates the large metal door that blocks the way forward. His fingers feel around the edges of the frame, he peaks into the cracks and crevices around the door, then he turns and looks at us. “Can I get some help?” Luda asks. Before I can […]Read More

The Narrator Part 05

Part 05 I… do not… have… dark vision. After following Luda in a few steps I hear the heavy door of the dungeon slam closed behind us and I am swallowed by the inky black void. My eyes are wide as I search the room in a panic but every direction offers me the same […]Read More

The Narrator Part 06

Part 06 As promised, Luda disables a number of traps and Bastian slays a number of goblins and rodents of unusual size as we progress into the dungeon. Goblins, by the way, are baby shit green, covered in boils, and have breath that smells like fish boiled in garlic paste. Come to think of it, […]Read More

The Narrator Part 07

The Narrator Part 07: The Correspondence Good Morning! Who’s editing right now? I swing my sword wide against an imaginary foe, then freeze as I realize that the voice I just heard had no echo… and it didn’t match Bastian or Luda. I turn about and search the room but don’t see anyone else. “Um… […]Read More

The Narrator Part 08

Part 08 “What is the author?” Luda asks. I realize that while I have spoken to Bastian about this, to some degree, that I haven’t mentioned anything to Luda. I wonder what I can tell him… for that matter, I wonder if I should share more with Bastian. “Well,” I mutter and with a sigh […]Read More

The Narrator Part 09

Part 09 “Where do we find the Scribe?” Bastian asks. I stare at him for a long moment as I consider this question. “Well,” I begin, then pause, then open my mouth, close it, and finally I shrug. “I have no idea. I don’t know if he actually exists, to be honest. I’m just going […]Read More

The Narrator Part 10

Part 10 A small, warm room waits for us on the other side of the door, lit with several dozen candles spread across the various shelves and surfaces. I step out in front of Bastian, crossing the threshold before him and scanning the room. The walls are lined with shelves filled from floor to ceiling […]Read More

The Narrator Part 11

Part 11 His hand flies across the paper in front of him, moving in a blur of motion that my eyes can’t keep up with. As his right hand scribbles line after line of words his left carefully dips a quill into an ink well, then just as the quill in his right hand runs […]Read More

The Narrator Part 12

(Quick Note: This part is just shy of 400 words. I usually aim for 600 to 800 per post. I’m sorry for the quick pace of it. I’ve had a rough week and almost didn’t even make a post today. As it is I’m 12 hours late. I will do better next week! Promise!) Part […]Read More

The Narrator Part 13

Part 13 “All better?” I ask, patting the Scribe on the shoulder. I may as well have been talking to a wall since he ignores my words and my touch and just continues to scrawl letters and sentences across the pages. I shrug. “I guess so,” I mutter, before leaning down to pick up the […]Read More

The Narrator Part 14

Part 14 I lead the small arrow up to the yellow folder labeled ‘Documents’ and poke at it. The folder expands, filling the screen with a series of other folders on a white background. I read through them; Freaks, EmVee, MAZE, MISC, Sixes, Tales of the Wasteland, The Ancient, Zeds. “These are all stories,” I […]Read More

The Narrator Part 15

Part 15 So, I asked around and nobody in the group knows who you are. Nobody invited an Oliver to the group. I quickly open my eyes, removing myself from the Author’s desktop view and try to act casual, like I wasn’t just snooping through his folders. You don't even have a user profile. How […]Read More