FREAKS Part 001: Glorified Babysitting The boy’s eyes sent shivers down Jason’s spine. Every time he glanced back at the glass holding cell he saw them; wide, cold, staring. They never seemed to blink. The fact that they were a blood red certainly didn’t help either. He couldn’t stand sitting there, staring the child in […]Read More


FREAKS Part 002: Glorified Babysitting Jason wasn’t familiar with the layout of the subbasement and was thankful that the designers felt the need to put in signs pointing towards every room of importance. Despite the signs, Jason still found himself turning back more than once to put himself back on track, but he eventually found […]Read More


FREAKS Part 003: Glorified Babysitting The beam of light from Jason’s flashlight did little to penetrate the darkness. A small cone of area was visible before him, with pitch black darkness all around. They were several levels underground so there were no windows or access to natural light. Jason’s first instinct was to test the […]Read More


FREAKS Part 003: Glorified Babysitting Jason had been a track and field star in high school. He didn’t hold any county records, or win any major races, but he did place third at South Gate High and land a scholarship for his deeds. It had been years since he ran all out, though, and his […]Read More