Monsters, Aliens, Zombies, Etcetera. An inexperienced monster hunter struggles to look cool while doing their job. The Winchesters made it look so easy!

Status: Ongoing – Active


Jason takes a job that seems like a walk in the park, but a dead battery and some late night snacks lead to a dangerous situation.

Status: Complete

They spent their entire life watching bad things happen to people who didn’t deserve it, and now they’re ready to fight back and stop the tyranny of the Author!

Status: Ongoing – Hiatus

A collection of stories set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Status: Ongoing – Active


A group of survivors try to find safety in a world overrun with zombies.

Status: Coming Soon

The Ancient One

Survivors of Project Eden, humanity’s last hope, wake up to find an unfamiliar world full of beings and hostile monsters.

Status: Coming Soon