Six – Silk

Six – Silk

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As is often the case, I find myself falling behind on The Weekly Six Sentence Story Challenge hosted by Denise over at GirlieOnTheEdge. As such, this post will be a catch up for the last three weeks: Silk, Tension, and Screen


Rio and Sam followed the boy as he led the way through the empty halls of the facility; though they’d concluded that the boy wasn’t a threat, and was likely telling the truth, Sam refused to holster her gun.

“How did you get them in there,” Sam asked the boy.

“I closed all but one door, lured them all inside; then climbed through the air vent and circled around to close the door behind them.”

“Clever,” Rio nudges Sam, “kid’s smooth as silk.”

“I don’t think you’re using that expression right,” Sam groans.

“Sounds right to me,” the boy says, receiving a shoulder pat of solidarity from Rio.


The door to the Lounge had a blanket draped over the window, which Sam pushed gently to the side with one finger until there was a gap big enough to peek through.

If Sam didn’t know better, she might assume that the beings on the other side of the door were all statues with how still they stood.

“Oh shit,” Sam startled, ducking to the side and shifting to get a better look into the room.

“What, what is it,” though not drawn, Rio’s hand was immediately on the grip of the pistol, the catch unsnapped and ready to be drawn.

“There’s coffee in there,” Sam shifted to the side and opened the drapes a little further, motioning for Rio to take a peak.

Rio groan and let the tension leave his muscles; “Really, Sam, really?”


Rio browsed through the information available from the computer in the office, his eyes darting back and forth down the screen as he read up on the notifications, alerts, and messages from outside and inside the Facility.

It held more information than he would ever need, but one personnel file in particular caught his eye, as the birth date matched the date of the first comet’s arrival; he clicked into it and had a sudden revelation.

“Oh, shit, we never asked your name,” he turns from the file open on screen to face the boy, “I’m Rio, this is my partner Sam.”

“I’m Shay,” the boy says, then points to the computer, “and this is my friend, Valentine.”

“A pleasure to meet you,” a humanlike voice comes from the overhead speakers, its tone neutral and unassuming.

Sam and Rio paused to exchange glances; the boy’s only friend and companion seemed to be the computer, which could certainly be an issue if they chose to bring him back to what counted as civilization.

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7 thoughts on “Six – Silk

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it’s a struggle working the word in 😆 but if it weren’t for these prompts I’d never get any writing done and never share the story

  1. I’m very glad you are sharing the story. We’ve all heard of feral children raised by animals, I can imagine a child mostly raised by computer would pose a similar challenge to those trying to help him readapt to people.

    1. Thank you!
      I am trying hard not to imagine Shay as the son of Star Trek’s Data 😆 I imagine Data will be a good source of inspiration though.

  2. “There’s coffee in there,” made me laugh. Under the circumstances, I’d be feeling like that was a really bad joke, lol
    I’m glad the kid seems ok. I wasn’t convinced at first he wasn’t one of them but maybe….
    Hopefully, there is a civilization to bring him back to!

    1. The lengths to which people will go for coffee should never be tested. 😆

      Guess we have to wait and see what the benevolent wordsmith prompts us with this weekend 😉 the right words can reveal much.

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