Six Sentence Story: Season

Six Sentence Story: Season

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Six Sentence Story: Season

A Writing prompt by: GirlieOnTheEdge

Four years before Last Week’s Six Sentence Story

“I think we should decorate,” Samantha said, looking from Rio and motioning toward the sleeping kid; ten, maybe eleven, it was hard to tell. “Shay’s first Christmas season since leaving the Habitat, possibly first Christmas ever; no telling what they celebrated down there, if anything.”

With a heavy sigh Rio frowned and hung his head before saying; “I’d love to, but that could draw in a lot of unwanted attention.”

“I’m not talking about twinkling lights, crystal balls, or anything flashy,” Sam replied, “just, maybe we could paint some pine cones in festive colors and hang them around the camp.”

Rio’s lips curled up at the corners as he leaned back and considered her proposal. “Paint pine cones,” he chuckled, “yeah, sure; let’s do it.”

This is my contribution to the Six Sentence Story prompt from GirlieOnTheEdge. The word this week was: Season.

You may have noticed I posted this a few times today and deleted it again;
I was trying to post from my phone but was having some complications.

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23 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story: Season

  1. Good one, Ollie. I like the flashback to four years previous, and that they still wanted to celebrate Christmas in some small way, despite the horrors they had surely seen leading up to this point.

    1. Thanks, Ford!
      The little things in life, the minor routines and celebrations, can be helpful in reminding yourself that you’re still human and there’s still a reason to keep fighting.
      Glad you’re enjoying the stories!

    1. We used to paint them as little Christmas trees and snow men and such. Low cost craft I imagine can still be done after the Apocalypse

    1. Truer words-
      No matter how hard times get its important to always find joy in the little things.

  2. I love prequels. Makes me wonder with life that bad, did they ever imagine it could get better? Go back to normal? In the midst of such horror, at least they found comfort in maintaining tradition amidst a new nightmare reality.

    1. Thank you!
      We started painting them a few years ago with my granddaughter… And I thought I’d give a little happy moment. Can’t all be sad, terrible things. 😂

  3. I actually paint pine cones for decorations. Every Christmas. With 25-30 pines, I have a plenty. Good six.

    1. Nice! It’s become a little tradition in our house now and it’s quite fun. I like the “hunting for the perfect pine cones” part, rummaging through the park.

  4. Although it’s a prequel, this story stands by itself, showing people who want to create stability and normality for a child from a troubled past.
    I missed last week, so I need to go back and see what happens next!

    1. Absolutely! No matter the situation, finding normalcy and keeping traditions is important. It can keep people sane.
      Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the rest! They can all be found in the menu under Stories – Tales of the Wasteland.

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