Six Sentence Story: Presence

Six Sentence Story: Presence

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Six Sentence Story: Presence

A Writing prompt by: GirlieOnTheEdge


The letters were thirty feet tall, red, and repeated on each side of the building, visible from anywhere in the city. If anyone were still alive in the city, they would know there was someone there, someone still alive and safe in the upper floors. If anyone had seen it, if anyone else was even still alive within the city, they hadn’t made their presence known. He wished that someone out there would send a signal, that one day someone would knock on the door. All he wanted was to know that he wasn’t alone, that he wasn’t the last person on the planet; but with each passing week that seemed more and more unlikely.

This is my contribution to the Six Sentence Story prompt from GirlieOnTheEdge. I am excited to participate in these prompts again since I have been absent for quite a while. I can’t wait for next week, I look forward to rejoining this writing community! Thank you, GirlieOnTheEdge, for continuing with these prompts.

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23 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story: Presence

    1. Thanks, Chris! I’m excited to be writing again… and of course, it’s dystopian, post-apocalyptic stuff that I wind up immediately diving back into! lol

  1. Welcome back to the Six, Ollie:)
    I agree with Chris. This is an awesome intro for a series. I’ve found Six Sentence Stories to be an amenable platform for discovering if a story idea has legs.

    1. Thanks! I’m really excited to be back! I’m so glad you post these Six Sentence prompts; they really are easy ways to force inspiration and not only get those creative juices flowing, but also to create a social group to help spread and share ideas and work! Thank you for for that!

    1. I might just do that! That seems to be my most popular theme, the one that I keep going back to, so it would only make sense to write more in it! Thank you! <3

  2. Funny story*

    No, this is such a good Six. To create a setting is hard, introducing an engaging character more so, but to do it with an economy of words… very cool

    *lifted from Tony Montana to Frank Lopez in ‘Scarface’**
    ** which, in turn, constitutes a compliment for best use of ordinary words to create a chill in the reader

  3. Hi Ollie. I’m a fan of dystopian survival stories, and your Six has teeth. I like how big the message was painted in that city, like an SOS drawn in the sand on a desert island.

    1. Hi there! Thanks! ^_^ I just love stories of survival in desolate, unwelcoming locations. Zombies, apocalypses, and dystopian futures are my grab-bag of inspiration!

      1. Nice one, Ollie, and thanks for the follow, will follow back and look forward to your tales of survival in these fascinating landscapes I have to agree! (not to mention the many film adaptations! The Road/Dawn of the Dead/28 Days Later are some faves of mine).
        If you get the time, Ollie, please read my recent multi media collaboration ‘The Remains of She’ – a dystopian journey into the past and near future, a 30 min poem with sculpture and art images.
        Thanks again, best wishes, and stay creative 😎😎

        1. I started reading it, lost track of time, and am now behind on my schedule, lol! It’s captivating, and distracting me from my pre-guest duties as a host. I look forward to finishing it this evening 😀

  4. You in a few words drew us all into that building wanting to find you and let you know that you are not all alone. Looking forward to the next installment, assuming that there will be one.

    1. Hi! Sorry I missed your comment! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Figured I would let you know that there IS a next piece!
      It’s not directly mentioned, but the next Six Sentence Story for the prompt of “Quarter” features the same setting and character. I will probably keep revealing more and more, little by little, through the Six Sentence Prompts by GirlieontheEdge.

    1. Thanks again! This one actually directly leads into the other Six Sentence Story; Quarter, that you just read. The character and world started here and expanded uncontrollably afterward. Feel free to look into the third part here which follows up after “Quarter”

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! Hope you enjoy the rest.

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