Six – Lounge

Six – Lounge

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This post is a participation in The Weekly Six Sentence Story Challenge hosted by Denise over at GirlieOnTheEdge

This week’s word is:


  • To lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed lazy way
  • A public room made to sit and relax


“I don’t see any blood,” Rio had the boy propped against the wall and was giving him a quick inspection while Sam watched down the hallway, “I don’t think you shot him.”

“Computer, how many inhabitants are in this facility,” Sam asked.

“Habitech Facility Zero Zero Four Two current hosts three known life forms and seventeen unknown lifeforms,” Valentine replied from the speaker overhead.

“Unknown lifeforms,” Rio looked to Sam as he stood, “what does that mean?”

“Remnants,” Samantha lowered her gun as she turned to face the boy, “where are they?”

The boy bit at his lip as he looked between Rio and Sam, then turned to peer off down the dark hallway from the entrance, his voice quiet and cracking as he held back tears; “they’re locked in the lounge.”

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8 thoughts on “Six – Lounge

  1. I like your use of the word “remnant” to describe the unknown life forms. It makes me wonder what they are considering the computer cannot identify them further. Nice build up to the suspense at the end.

  2. I went back and read the earlier story, which is set later, and i remember it. Nice back story here.

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