Six Sentence Stories: Explore

Six Sentence Stories: Explore

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Six Sentence Story: Explore

A Writing prompt by: GirlieOnTheEdge

Last time on The Wasteland: Grip

“Wow, Shay, that was an incredibly creative and genius way to get us out of that very complicated and dangerous situation,” Samantha says as she leads the way through the winding streets, back toward the guarded RV and the rest of her comrades.

“Thanks, like I said, we just needed to stop, think, and explore some new ways of looking at the problem; of being surrounded by a horde of flesh craved remnants while also trapped in a net,” Shay responds as he jogs to keep up.

“Well, that was marvelous, I thought we were goners, I had no ideas on how we were going to escape that, it seemed inescapable, impossible even, and highly unlikely that we would have been able to get out, but you made it look so easy.”

“Yes, yes, I know, I’m awesome, but please, let’s just get to the group and get out of here, and never talk about the amazingly complicated method by which I managed to get us out of there! It’s embarrassing and builds expectations.”

“Deal,” Samantha agrees to never discuss the escape again before saying, “ Right around this corner; there they are!”

This humorously disappointing sequel to last week’s Six Sentence Story is my contribution to the Six Sentence Story challenge by GirlieontheEdge. This weeks word prompt was: Explore

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14 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories: Explore

  1. They have to escape! They’re the heroes of the story 😀 At least Shay is at the moment what with his daring escape! Scariness all ’round the net this week – “surrounded by a horde of flesh craved remnants”. Everyone’s hungry 🤣

  2. It’s fun to imagine just what Shay did to get them out of the net, especially since he seems to be quite embarrassed about it!

    1. Idk, it seems they may have taken a view of silence, and we may never know how they got out of that impossible situation

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