Six Sentence Stories: Distraction, Net, Grip

Six Sentence Stories: Distraction, Net, Grip

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Six Sentence Story: Distraction

A Writing prompt by: GirlieOnTheEdge

Last time on The Wasteland: Alternative

“I have a group waiting for us,” Samantha explained to Shay as they exited the makeshift apartment situated in the lower levels of the Fox Plaza building in Los Angeles. Shay, having literally lived under a rock for the first 13 years of his life, had no idea why Rio wanted to live in that particular building, but Samantha knew it had significance to the fans of Die Hard; of which Rio was.

“Getting in here wasn’t an easy feat,” Samantha continues, “and I may have broken a few barriers, ladders, and rails getting up here through all of your silly booby-traps.” She frowned when Shay giggled at the word booby, then gripped the young man’s chin and turned his attention to the horde of remnants wandering around several floors below them; there were hundreds crowding the streets.

“We are going to need a distraction,” Shay mumbles through smooshed cheeks under Sam’s hand. Shay pulls his face away, ducks under Sam’s grip and points to another building across the street connected to theirs by a series of precariously balanced boards, grins, and says; “I have an idea.”

Six Sentence Story: Net

“THIS WAS A STUPID IDEA!” Samantha screams at Shay, despite being pressed tightly against the young man’s back as they hang above the remnant horde, suspended and trapped together inside a large net.

“I didn’t know about this one,” Shay quickly defends himself, “This was supposed to be an emergency exit, no traps!”

Samantha kicks at a hand as it tries to grasp her boot, then pulls herself up along the netting to bring her legs inside and out of reach of the hungry freaks below.

“The fuck are we going to do now?!”

“Well, you’re not going to like it,” Shay mumbles, “but I have an idea.”

Six Sentence Story: Grip

Shay and Samantha shifted their weight back and forth to force the suspended net to swing; it wouldn’t go in the direction they wanted, but instead made a wide arcing circle that began to twist them around.

“I’m going to be sick,” Shay groan as he watched the building spin into view, then out of view, then back.

“Shut up,” Samantha commands as she pushes into Shay’s back, leans over him, shoves her arm through the net and grabs for a light post. He fingers find the post and grip it tight.

“Yes!” Samantha exclaims, then screams as the old rope holding them up snaps from the strain of their efforts.

I’ve been seriously slacking off lately… so, above are the last 3 weeks of Six Sentence Story prompts from Girlie on the Edge.

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15 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories: Distraction, Net, Grip

  1. Excellent trio of Sixes, Ollie. I so like the name “remnants” for the aliens/monsters. Agree with Chris, what a cliff hanger of an ending!

    You only missed 2 editions of SSS 😉 Be sure to come by and link “Grip” this week (with proper linkage to the previous 2 Sixes of course) and you’re golden. I’m thinking this story must go on.
    Can’t leave your readers hanging in the wind 😁

    1. I like the name too! And it has multiple implications 😁
      I will definitely be linking up as soon as I get home, and when Thursday comes.

      And yes… I most certainly can leave them hanging, mwahahahahahaha 😈

  2. this serial thing is harder than it looks…but you make it look easy and good. great job. you are an encourager and don’t know it. ..well, now you do!

    1. I’m terribly sorry, you’ll have to hang with the rest until I get around to it. Probably Monday or so 🤷‍♂️ idk.

      😈 😂

      Thank you! It means a lot!

  3. I like the dialogue transitions between the Sixes:

    “I have an idea.”



    and then:

    “Well, you’re not going to like it,” Shay mumbles, “but I have an idea.”


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