Six Sentence Story: Alternative

Six Sentence Story: Alternative

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Six Sentence Story: Alternative

A Writing prompt by: GirlieOnTheEdge

Continuing immediately after Reena’s Xploration Challenge 185

“Dormant?” Samantha laughs at Shay’s assertion, prompting the teen to pull out of her hug, snarl, and walk off toward the back room.

“Let me guess, you’re taking me to the Colony?” Shay fishes a duffel bag from under one of several piles on the floor and begins to stuff it full of clothes. 

“Of course; it’s safe, has food and water, and people to socialize with,” Samantha responds before gesturing to the room around them, “a much better alternative to languishing alone in this crap hole.”

“It’s kept us-,” Shay chokes up, prompting them to pause briefly and clear their throat before continuing; “It’s kept me alive up to this point.”

This is my contribution to the Six Sentence Story prompt from GirlieOnTheEdge. The word this week is: Alternative.

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15 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story: Alternative

    1. Hmm… If that’s not clear then I need to rewrite something 🤔 add a mention of Rio to the last line or something.

      1. Forgive me. I have a memory like a sieve and have read for too many different pieces today. Rio, yes, I do remember… but we don’t know the how, do we?

        1. He was taken by “them” in one of the first six Sentence stories since my return: Quarter. I’d link it but idk how to do that with this mobile app.

          No forgiveness required. I was literally just discussing with a coworker not 2 minutes ago about my terrible memory and if it’s over an hour in the past you can’t expect me to remember it 😂 I will still add mention of Rio when I get home. Maybe even link back to Quarter so new readers can get the whole story.

          As always, Thanks for reading and being supportive. You stuck around even during my long, storyless slump 😁

  1. I’d probably feel the same as Shay. The safety of what and where you know up until now, under the circumstances, probably outweighs the potential of greater safety in another place you know nothing about. Although “the Colony” does have the ring of a “home base” established for many people. Power in numbers, right? 😀

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