Six – Play

Six – Play

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This post is a participation in The Weekly Six Sentence Story Challenge hosted by Denise over at GirlieOnTheEdge

This week’s word is:


  • To engage in joyous and recreational activity
  • To take part in a game or sport
  • A dramatic work for the stage or broadcast

The Breach

“Breach, breach, the doors have been breached,” the young man yelled as he flung himself over the barricade and hunkered down behind cover, “we are being invaded, all hands on deck!”

“I am not detecting any breaches in the outer doors or walls,” a calm voice responded through the speakers overhead, “nor do I detect any foreign life forms in the facility.”

“They’re using advanced stealth suits, they’re completely invisible to your every sensor, but I know they’re there, I can sense them,” the young man primed the pump of his air rifle before quickly rising, taking aim down the long, metal hallway and fired off into the darkness before ducking down again, “I got one, but there are too many, I’m throwing a grenade!”

“The use of explosives within the facility is not recommended,” the voice responded as calmly as it had before, “fire suppression foam is ready, repair droids are on standby.”

The young man pulled a baseball from his jacket and bit the top of it, he wasn’t sure why he had to bite it but they always did that in the movies, then blindly chucked it as hard as he could over the barricade and down the hall before ducking and covering, “Valentine, activate Big Boom Program!”

“Alert, the following sound is for recreational purposes only, it is not an indication of threat and is not intended to cause concern; again, the following sound is for recreational purposes and is not real,” the overhead voice announced through the facility; it fell silent for several seconds then filled the halls with a roaring KABOOM that shook the walls and was shortly followed by the delighted squeals and laughter of a child.

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    1. Thank you! I’m super happy and excited to be back! I had this scene in my head for so long and you gave me a perfect prompt to get it out. I might have to rewrite it in deeper detail later. <3

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