Six – Blur

Six – Blur

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This post is a participation in The Weekly Six Sentence Story Challenge hosted by Denise over at GirlieOnTheEdge

This week’s word is:


  • to make unclear of less distinct
  • a thing that can not be seen or heard clearly


“Alert, the front doors have been breached,” Valentine declared over the speakers; their words were emphasized with the blare of sirens through the halls as the lights switch from an illuminating white to an ominous red.

“No, Valentine,” the boy laughed as he dropped his bag and sat against a barricade at the end of the hall, “it was a game, you can stop now, I’m done, it’s time to eat som-“

The boy fell silent as he heard something echo down the hall that he hadn’t heard in years; voices.

He had been trapped in the Habitech underground facility alone since the event took all the adults several years ago, and now there were definite, distinct voices bouncing through the walls from the direction of the entrance.

In a blur the boy moved around the barricade, took a knee, and held his BB gun to his chest as his heart pounded beneath it.

Suddenly the alarms stopped and the lights shifted from red to white as one of the voices proclaimed; “got it, all’s quiet, let’s go,” and the boy heard footsteps coming his way.

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7 thoughts on “Six – Blur

  1. A nice cliffhanger, i hope this means good things for him, but i don’t blame him for being careful.

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