Creation of Miyeh

Creation of Miyeh

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The Creation of Miyeh

Notes, Thoughts, and Processing for my Pathfinder Character

Our ttrpg group (The Caves and Creatures Crew) decided to take a break from our high level characters and take on some new roles with a second side campaign. As such, I had the opportunity to create a new character! Our DM has given me plenty of extra freedom with this build, including allowing me to build a custom race; The Shiftling.

So, here are some notes, thoughts, and mental processes for the creation of my character, Miyeh.


Our benevolent DM graciously granted me the freedom of creating my own race for our game. I took this opportunity to add a race I always missed in pathfinder; the shapeshifter. I named the race Shiftlings because… it’s cute, and not currently used by any other shapeshifter race.

Shiftlings have the Greater Change Shape ability, as well as a few feats and skills that boost Bluff, Language, and Acting. Since they spend their whole lives trying to blend in and impersonate others it seemed appropriate to have skills that allow them to lie, understand languages, and pretend.

Shiftlings have a -2 to Constitution, -2 to Wisdom, and a whopping +8 to Charisma! They’re known for being extremely social, but a bit frail and not great with impulse control.


Using a 34 point buy I pumped up Charisma and Dexterity. I really want a character that uses his words and deception to get himself out of trouble, and also a high AC so when his lies fail he’s still hard to hit. 

Strength 10, Dexterity 16, Constitution 12, Intelligence 13, Wisdom 12, Charisma 18

Modified with his Racial attributes his Con drops to 10, Wisdom to 10, and Charisma jumps to 26.


I had a LOT of issue picking out class. I started with a Monk/Bard combo. As I had said earlier, I wanted him hard to hit when he pissed people off and a Monk was great for that, especially with the Scaled Fist archetype which allows me to add his Charisma modifier to his AC. I later switched to an Oracle/Bard, then to a Monk/Oracle.

Anyway, I was changing my class right up until our first level up because my DM is understanding and loves me.

I finally settled on a Monk/Rogue combo. Using the Scaled Fist archetype for the Monk and the Discretion Specialist for the rogue. The Discretion Specialist gets a bonus to Bluff, Intimidate, and Diplomacy equal to half it’s level, so my Bluff will go up and up really fast. The Scaled Fist Monk still gets the Charisma to AC bonus which sets me at an 18 AC before I even choose feats or armor.

Now, Miyeh is the ultimate Face character, who can piss people off and dodge their blows when they get mad at him.


At first level Miyeh gets 5 points as a Monk (4 for class, 1 for intelligence) and for Rogue levels he gets 10 (8 for rogue, 1 for intelligence, 1 for favored class). Every level gets a bonus skill point granted by the DM specifically for use in a Crafting, Performance, or Profession skill.

At 3rd level, Miyeh has 25 points, with a rank max of 3, and 3 bonus points for recreational skills.

Sticking to my concept of dashing, roguish liar, I am maxxing all the basic face skills; Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and 1 to intimidate (25-10=15).

To make him a little more difficult to catch I added 1 to Acrobatics and to Escape Artist, as well as 3 to Stealth (15-5=10)

Since he IS a Rogue, I added 3 to Disable Device, 3 to Perception, and 3 to Sleight of Hand (10-9=1)

Just to round things off for his background, I’m dropping the last point in Survival.

With all the bonuses, Miyeh has a Bluff of 17, Diplomacy 15, Intimidate 13, and a Sleight of hand and Stealth of 9. Not bad for a 3rd level Rogue, I think.

Finally, I’m putting my freebie points from the DM into Proffesion (cook) 1, and Perform (Act) 2


I hate feats. There are so many of them. I scoured ancient texts trying to find flavorful feats that fit my character concept… and I’m happy to say I found some.

For first level feat I took Deceitful, which grants a +2 to Bluff and Disguise, and with the Monk’s bonus feat I tookDodge for a +1 to AC.

At third level I took Combat Expertise because I discovered Dueling Daggers that give AC bonuses when using Combat Expertise… also, it’s a prerequisite for Crane Style, which I can take using a Rogue Talent Combat Trick. Crane Style reduces the penalty of fighting defensively, while also boosting the AC bonus.


There is a halfling trait called Freedom Fighter that grants bonuses to attack and damage rolls against Slavers and people holding others against their will. After discussing it with the DM, he agreed to let me take it for free, without requriing the Adoption trait, since that doesn’t work into the background.

I also took Power of Suggestion which allows him to convince others that items in his posession are not what they look like… so, he could convince the guards that the briefcase of cocaine he carries is actually just flour.

Lastly, I took a Drawback called Empty Mask.  It gives him a -1 to Will saves against compulsions, and a -2 against those who know his true identity.


The heritage dice were not kind to me in determining the social status of his parents. On a d100  I rolled a 5… which makes his parents involuntary servants of a Drow family.

At his birth, when asked about a name, his mother just shrugged and said “Meh” and the doc wrote down ‘Miyeh’

Although born in servitude, he had a few side gigs, trading information and stolen trinkets for favors and food.

After escaping the Underdark, Miyeh fell hard into a life of hedonistic pleasures. If I could give him 2 drawbacks, the second would be Hedonist.

That's all folks

Hope you enjoyed.

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