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Hey! Ollie here with another prompt! It’s a journaling prompt, so answer however you like!

What I want to know is:

What’s the first story you wrote?

How old were you? What was it about? Do you still have it? If yes, will you share it? Plleeeaaasssee??!!

Respond whenever/however you like and feel free to drop a link in the comments!
Tagging it #OwOprompts would be super cool too!

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I don’t remember which story was my first, but I know it was one of three I wrote when I was in Elementary school. Two of them were school assignments and the other was a Star Trek fan-fiction.

One of the first Elementary school writing assignments was to write a short story based on a photograph. The photo I was given was black and white and featured someone staring out a window, so I wrote a story about a young woman buying a house and discovering it was haunted.

The other writing assignment, and I can’t remember which came first, involved writing a short story based on a sentence. The sentence was something about a jewel in a cave, or something along those lines. I started writing and couldn’t stop. I wrote a story about two kids who went on an adventure to find their missing archaeologist dad. They had sword fights, drove cars through old caves, dove off waterfalls… it was exciting! I had to ask my teacher if I could turn it in late because I had only written the first two chapters by the due date.

Then there was the Star Trek Fan Fiction. Again, I don’t remember if I wrote these before or after the other two, but I know it was one of my first. I was a big fan of Star Trek (still am) and one day while watching an episode it dawned on me that there were children on the ship and I began to wonder what the kids were doing while everything else was happening. So, I wrote a story about a bunch of kids who had to save the crew after the ship was boarded and everyone was captured. They crawled through the vents from area to area, freeing people until they eventually had enough adults to fight back and reclaim the ship.

So, while I don’t know exactly what my first story was, I do know I wrote it in Elementary school and it was probably epic. I was a fan of science fiction and adventure stories, and that’s what I wrote back then.

I mean, it’s still pretty much what I write now, but it’s nice to know where my roots lie.

Ok, that is all! Ta ta!


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