M.A.Z.E. 004

M.A.Z.E. 004

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004: find Vampires and Run Away

I click my heel against the wall behind me and a small knife springs from the toe of my boot. I twist my leg and dig the blade into Brady’s side, just below his rib cage. He’s caught off guard and drops me as he stumbles back a few steps.

“Yeah, you like that?” I croak, my throat is not quite yet aware that it is once again free. I clear my throat, cough, then lean down and motion to my boots. “I made these myself. You can buy them off my Etsy shop. For you, I’ll toss on a 10% discount, just use the code ‘VAMPIRESUCK,’ all caps, at checkout.”

I have to stop for a moment and rest my hands on my knees as I catch my breath. 

My throat hurts where he was holding me; I’m sure I’m going to have some deep bruising there.

“Do you know,” I wheeze at Jock 2 as I take a few breaths to get my lungs working again. “Do you know how damn creepy it is that some old vampire is hiding at a high-school, hanging out and seducing a bunch of teens?” I check my pockets for my lighter, but it’s gone; knocked from my hand when Brady grabbed me.

“You could be exploring the world, curing cancer, or doing a million other things, but instead you float from school to school flirting with kids.” The lighter is near a dumpster to my right. I could go for it but I know there is no way I could get there before Brady got to me first. Not like I could just stroll over there, pick it up, and try again. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like any of them have noticed it has left my posession, so I keep my eyes locked on Jock 2 so they won’t notice me noticing it.

“Why isn’t it healing?” Brady stumbles away from me and over to Jock 2’s side. “It’s still bleeding, why does it burn?”

“Silver,” Jock 2 and I say at the same time. I grin and shoot him a few finger guns.

“Not just for werewolves. Noble metals, like silver, impede supernatural healing factors.” It’s nice being able to share my wordly knowledge with a new vampire like Brady

Jock 2 disappears right in front of my eyes and I’m hit from behind by what I am certain is a bulldozer, sending me sprawling to the ground. Jock 2 stands where I had just been and I realize that bulldozer of force was just his raw strength slamming into me. He dives at me before I can get coordinated and grabs me by the leg. I struggle to free my foot but he has a death grip on me as he tries to rip my boot off. I roll over as best I can and smack my other heel to the ground, unloading the blade in the other boot. Just as I’m bringing my foot up to meet Jock 2’s face I’m grappled by the shoulders and yanked away.

Brady has me now. I roll into his momentum and bring my boot up over my head and down on Brady’s head. I miss and gouge into his shoulder instead. In exchange, he grabs me by the leg and swings me, throwing me across the alley.

I didn’t realize Jock 2 was an elder vampire. I thought I was going to be facing off with two fledglings, which would be a tough fight, but manageable. If I had my full kit I could probably stand a chance but unfortunately a lot of my gear was locked in a police storage facility last year; after the incident.

If I was smart, I would probably flee the scene and live to fight another day, but I didn’t break out of the Positive Pathways Cognitive Behavioral Health Institute so I could find vampires and run away from them. 

I came to eat pizza and kill vampires… and I haven’t had time to put in my pizza order.

By the time we’re done, Bella Vista’s will probably have their kitchen closed for dinner.

Fucking vampires, I missed my chance to get pizza! Now I’m really mad.

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