Last Night on Earth

Last Night on Earth

Ok, so it looks like Zombies have taken over. Sweeeeet! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Not to brag, but I’m KINDA an expert on zombies, and I have a vested interest in your survival.

But, first I need to know which team you’re fighting for. Are you a survivor, or a zombie?


Once a scenario is picked, the sun marker is placed on the number corresponding with the scenario. Zombies then roll 1d6 )2d6 for 1 zombie player) and place that many zombies on the red Xs on the board. They cannot place a second zombie on an X until each X has at least 1.

Heroes place their pieces in their starting building. If their building is not present, they start in the center square and draw a free card from the hero deck. If they start the game with an item, find that item, place it on the character, and shuffle the hero deck.

Zombies go first, the sun Dial does not move on the first turn.

Zombie Turns

Zombies use their turns with the following actions, in order;

1) At the start of every zombie turn, the sun tracker is moved down by 1. 

2) Draw new zombie cards from the Zombie Deck until your hand is fun. 4 cards for 1 zombie player, 2 cards for 2 zombie players.
Cards can be played at any point during the zombie turn unless specific conditions are required on the card, such as play immediately, or play at start of turn (before drawing cards)

3) Roll to spawn new zombies; roll 1d6 (2d6 for 1 player). If the total rolled is GREATER THAN the number of zombies you have in play, then you get to spawn new zombies at THE END of your turn.

4) Move Zombies. Each zombie moves 1 square. They ignore walls and other obstacles as they crawl through windows and burst through weak spots in walls and from under floors. If a zombie is in a square immediately adjacent to a survivor, THEY MUST move into that square if they are able to as blood lust takes over.

5) Fight. If a zombie ends its turn in the same space as a survivor, they attack. Zombies roll 1d6 and win on ties.

6) Spawn new zombies. Roll 1d6 (2d6 for 1 player) and place those zombies on the red Xs. You can not place 2 zombies on the same X unless all Xs have at least 1 zombie.

Hero Turns

All survivors play their turns at the same time and can perform their actions in any order chosen. Their available actions are;

1) Move OR search. You may roll 1d6 before deciding which to do. If inside a building, you can give up your movement to search, allowing you to draw 1 card from the Hero Deck. Alternatively, you can chose to move up to the number of spaces indicated on the die. Items drawn from the deck by a character are place on that character’s sheet. Event cards go to the player’s hand.
When moving, if you move into a square with a zombie your movement ends immediately.

2) Exchange items with another character in the same square as you.

3) Ranged attack; if you have a ranged weapon you can use it. You can shoot in a straight line, and through any wall that you are next to as it is assumed there are windows available.

4) Fight Zombies. You must fight ALL Zombies in the same square as you at the end of your turn. You roll 2d6, counting only the highest single die rolled. If you roll higher than the zombie, you fend them off. If you higher AND roll doubles, you kill that zombie. If the zombie rolls higher, you take a wound marker,


The Zombies Win When; They kill all heroes, the heroes run out of cards in the hero deck, or the sun tracker reaches 0. There are other scenario specific conditions, refer to the scenario card for more info.

The Heroes Win When; they fulfill the requirements of the scenario card.

Important Information

COMBAT: Unless otherwise stated, heroes always roll 2 dice, Zombies always roll 1. All ties go to zombies. Only the highest number rolled matters. They do not add together. if you roll a 5 and a 2, your total is 5.

DEATH: If your character dies, leave their piece on the board where they died, and set their items to the side. Other characters can then search their body to recover their items. When you die, select another character from the available characters remaining and place them at the center of the board, then draw a free hero card.

LIGHTS OUT: Kind of a house rule; heroes and only move 1 square when in a building with Lights Out, and they can not search.

If a card or character text contradicts a rule, go by the text.

For more information, The Order of Gamers has a PDF of the rules here