6SS – Express

6SS – Express

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This post is a participation in The Weekly Six Sentence Story Challenge hosted by Denise over at GirlieOnTheEdge

This week’s word is:


  • To convey a thought or feeling through words or gestures
  • Operating at high speed
  • Precisely and specifically identified

Writing: a struggle

The author as having a hard time finding a way to put his story down, finding the time to express himself in a written format.

His head was exploding with ideas; characters, worlds, plots, devices; all floating around in his brain like protons in the Large Hadron Collider.

Creativity wasn’t the problem though; life was.

Work, food, sleep, socializing (yuck), and the eternal war against tiny red squiggles that thought they knew better than him; everything worked against him making his deadlines.

But, the author was dedicated; not only to himself, and to his writing, but to the fans that he pretending he had and he refused to let them down!

So he crawled into the back of his closet, curled into a fetal position around his laptop, and spent an hour trying to write a short six sentence story inspired by the word Express: success!

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6 thoughts on “6SS – Express

  1. Your story resonated, Ollie. And how. I appreciate you still participating in the SSS.
    If you won’t mind the suggestion? Take this Six and write an alternative timeline version using the word Shelter. Use the Large Hadron Collider if you feel necessary 😁
    Link doesn’t close until close to midnight tomorrow. Safe travels!

    Thank you for the follow.

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