Week 18

Week 18

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Chapter One of M.A.Z.E. is complete and scheduled! In all, chapter 1 came out to 7 pieces and totaled approximately 6,300 words. I say approximately because the version I have in my word processor is slightly different from the version I have posted since I sent out preview links and edited in the browser on some input. I think the posted versions are longer than the offline version.

Either way, I’m super excited that I’ve finished the first chapter. I’m more excited that I’ve also finished the rough drafts for chapters 2 and 3.

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I finished book 7 of Sandman Slim and decided to take a break from the series. I’m not tired of it or anything, but at this rate I’ll be done with the series soon and I want it to last a bit longer. Also, book 9 of He Who Fights With Monsters just came out and I want to read that while it’s still new.

On top of that, I recently decided on a career change and have begun studying accounting, so I’m adding Accounting for Dummies to my reading list to introduce myself to the industry before the next semester. in a few years I should be able to work from home.

Fantasy Indies

Fantasy Indies Prompts: Fantasy Indies on Twitter

April 29: Snippet Saturday
In a street scrap when one did not think to bring wooden stakes, and does not have immediate access to silvered weapons, the broken leg of a discarded bar-stool will do. A quick kick dislodges the leg from the rest of the stool and I square off with Brady and Jock 2.”

April 30: Monthly Wrap up
Uh, it’s been a good month! I posted every week, kept mostly to a schedule, and participated in every Six Sentence Story!

May 1: Introductions! Hello, I am Oliver. I write zombie and apocalypse stuff. I’m always working on multiple WIPs and have a real hard time sticking to just one.

2: What haunts my MC? Well, they killed someone they weren’t supposed to about a year before the events of the story. The death of an innocent has weighed heavily upon their consciousness.

3: Secrets in my WIP? Hmm, well… Hmmmmm.
Ok… so, I am going to directly attach MAZE to FREAKS. I think around chapter 5 they’re going to connect.

4: Favorite line of current WIP;
“You guys are going to be the hottest vamps since twilight! Wait, no, that’s a dumb line. Can you two hold on a moment while I think of a clever one-liner?” 
For context, the MC is fighting vampires and is about to set them all on fire.

5: I want to write more of The Narrator but I’m finding it hard enough to set time aside to work on one project, much less two. I have a lot of ideas and plans for that. Hopefully I’ll find some time in the future. I’m going on a brief vacation next month and will have several days of nothing to do so… maybe I’ll be able to revisit it then? I hope so. It was fun to write.

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