Week 16

Week 16

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I’m going to start adding the Six Sentence Stories to my weekly updates instead of giving them their own post. It just seems more productive for some reason? If I don’t like it I’ll just switch back.

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  • Books 4 and 5 of Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey (Narrated by MacLeod Andrews)

Six Sentence Stories

A weekly Writing Prompt hosted by: GirlieOnTheEdge
(Oh wow, I’m further behind than I thought! I thought I had missed just 1 but I am 3 behind!)

“Look, they haven’t moved in years, they don’t even look like they’re still alive, I could easily sneak in there, thread my way through them, and get it!”

“I don’t care, Sam, there is no way I’m just going to stand by and watch you do something so stupid; they could wake instantly and swarm you and you’d be dead in a second!”

“But,” Sam pressed her hand against the window of the door, peering longingly into the room currently housing more than a dozen undead standing around in some sort of hibernation, she whimpered, “it’s right there, I can see it!”

“I know, I know,” Rio gently pat Sam’s back as he comforted her, “we haven’t seen coffee in over a year, but we will find some eventually.”

“You could just get coffee in the kitchen,” Shay said from behind them. They turned slowly and stared at the boy.

“Wait, you actually have coffee, as in, coffee that is accessible and not currently locked in a room with zombies” Sam grabbed Shay by the shoulders with a look that he wasn’t sure meant she wanted to kiss him or beat him like a pinata until coffee fell out of him.

“Yeah, we have a lot of it, bags of it,” Shay said, trying to lean back away from her grasp.

“Oh my god, I love you, you’re my new favorite person,” Sam leaned in and planted several kisses all over the boy’s face as he squealed and shouted ‘eewwww.’

“Lead the way, valet,” Rio said; despite not being quite so expressive he still wore a large smile.

“What’s a Valet,” the boy asked as he wiped his face with his sleeve, then turned and lead the way.

Fantasy Indies


Fantasy Indies Prompts: Fantasy Indies on Twitter

8. “Is that normal?” “Normal? It’s so unlikely it might as well be impossible! Honestly, It seems less like science and more like the half-assed backstory to explain why the main character of a poorly written sci-fi novel is a special snowflake with superpowers.”

9. I have no traditions or rituals. I just write by the seat of my pants. I guess the only real tradition is constant stress and Impostor Syndrome.

10. I always joked that the theme to my work would be Bang! Pow! Boom! by the Insane Clown Posse. Honestly, though, it’s probably just LoFi Girl music.

11. Oh, Jinkies. I don’t know a lot of actors anymore. 
Brigette Lundy-Paine or Emma Myers would be good matches for the MC, I think.
Timothee Chalamet would be a good match for Casper.
I’m torn between Morgan Freeman or Terry Crews for the Doctor. I haven’t written him yet so I haven’t developed him too greatly.

12. I don’t understand this question? I will assume it is asking what Writing Challenges I participate in? In that case; Just the weekly Six Sentence Stories posted by GirlieontheEdge

13. Oh! A tough one! I’m going to go with Jurassic Park on this one. The movie was funny and actiony enough to not notice or care about the little differences. It made for a great film.

14. I don’t remember what I did last week for Free Friday, and this computer is too weak to open multiple tabs, so I’m just going to say… I missed a week, whoopsie. So, I’m going to double up this week and do another 7 to catch up!

15. I click my heel against the wall and the blade springs from the toe, I raise my foot and catch him under the rib. He drops me and staggers back. “Like these? I made them myself. You can get them off my etsy shop. For you, 10% off with code VampiresSuck”

16. Creatures? well, I mean, the current WIP is called “M.A.Z.E. Monsters, Aliens, Zombies, Etc.” so there are a lot of creatures. Currently I have Vampires and Zombies already written in to the story, but there are soon to be Aliens and giant monsters.

17.  The MC of MAZE (yet to be named, so just MC) is currently trying to redeem themselves by finishing what they started. So I suppose they would define it as Finishing What They Started

18. I had to look this up cause I’m not hip to the lingo, yo. So, comparable titles to what I’m writing? I’m mostly inspired by old TV shows I used to enjoy, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural. I’ve also been reading a LOT of Sandman Slim and it has put me in a big writer mood. Richard Kadrey’s writing style is very straight forward and I think similar to mine? Similar enough anyway that I feel more confident in my writing when I read his stuff.

19. How can I choose just one favorite book quote? What the heck? I’ll go with something silly and childish that made me giggle;
“He took it from behind, gave it a reach around, and chocked the chicken with both hands.”
Context; he was fighting a cockatrice, a giant chicken monster.

20. My MC has the very random skill of; swallowing pills without water!
Basically, this MC is literally just me, which makes it easy to write and come up with random facts.

21. Someone was critiquing my writing earlier this year and told me the age old “Show Don’t Tell”. I get my writing isn’t super descriptive; I don’t go into details on what the bar smells like, or what random sounds there are in the back alleyway. I fancy myself more of a storyteller than a world builder. I’m not Tolkien, I can’t ramble on for a chapter about the smell of flowers in the garden near the house of the gnome who built the fence for Bilbo’s nephew or whatever. I feel like my writing is too fast paced for setting the scene that deeply… and if I need to slow it down a little then I’ll start describing things.

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  1. If he brought me to the coffee, he’d be my new favorite person, too. Although, i raised boys so i know better than to kiss them.

    That “show don’t tell” stuff works for some, but not for everyone. It all depends on the style.

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