2023 Week 4

2023 Week 4

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First post of the new year. There isn’t much to say except that I am thinking about upgrading my site again so that I can use plugins. It annoys me to no end that I can’t use simple plugins… it also annoys me that if I upload an XML it automatically posts every single post from that file. I can’t figure out how to make it not do that so that I can sort through them and post only the relevant ones.

I have started a second campaign in Pathfinder as the Dungeon Master and I intend to post regular updates under the new Roleplay category in the menu. I also intend to post regular updates from the other campaign in which I am a player. I started posting them a long time ago on a different site that has ceased to exist and I wish to transfer those to this site… which is why I am annoyed that I can’t sort XML posts before they’re published.


I have finished my first book of 2023!

He Who Fights With Monsters Book 3 written by Shirtaloon and narrated by Heath Miller. I will get around to sharing a Mini-Review soon… I hope

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